Indulge yourself in the Soulful journey to Ayodhya with Radio City’s “City Chale Ayodhya Dham” Campaign

Radio City, India's leading radio network, brings to you – “One path, countless stories, and a moment to touch your hearts!” The radio network proudly announces, ‘City Chale Ayodhya Dham,’ their new 15-day campaign celebrating this creative endeavour that is poised to engage with millions of people as it unfolds an assortment of intriguing shows and on-ground activities.

Radio City, renowned for its immersive hyper-local shows, elevates this campaign on the digital platforms. Ayodhya holds profound significance in India for being the birthplace of Lord Ram. Radio City’s campaign comes at a historic moment that symbolises with faith, unity, and cultural richness.

Radio City's 'City Chale Ayodhya Dham' promises an immersive on-air experience with creatively crafted sound that tries to capture the pride and the emotions associated with this campaign.

In addition, on-air contest gives its listeners an opportunity to become a lucky winner and experience a soulful Darshan in Ayodhya. The audio journey will continue with RJ Akhil's "Kahani Pauranik Bharat Ki" and RJ Saurabh Shukla's "City Chale Ram ke Dham," offering captivating explorations of Ayodhya and the grandeur of Ramayana.

Radio City’s top national RJs and digital influencers are going to converge to capture the campaign’s essence through engaging videos, live sessions, and reels. Furthermore, amplifying Ayodhya Development Authority’s vision to make 'Plastic Mukt Ayodhya,’ Radio City owns the initiative by distributing plastic free bags in the city.

Mr. Ashit Kukian, CEO of Radio City, commented on this campaign stating, "Ayodhya, the heart of our heritage, resonates with the spirit of devotion and unity. 'City Chale Ayodhya Dham' is not just a campaign; it's a soulful journey connecting the diverse threads of our culture. With each beat of Radio City, we embrace the profound significance of the sacred city, celebrating with millions of devotees worldwide."

In addition to the 'Plastic Mukt Ayodhya' campaign, Radio City will also be activating a mobile van in Ayodhya Dham covering length and breadths of the city wherein RJs and influencers will keep offering unheard stories, historic moments and development of the City which is supported by ADA (Ayodhya Development Authority). The campaign kick starts from 17th January in the presence of the ADA authorities.

Mr. Vishal Singh (IAS), Vice Chairman, Ayodhya Development Authority, said “We are happy to have Radio City as the “Vibrant Content Partner” amplifying the experience of Ayodhya City across 39 Markets of Radio City. I also wish to extend my gratitude to the radio station for driving its green initiative of 'Plastic Mukt Ayodhya.' Such initiatives are crucial steps in our endeavour to develop Ayodhya as a sustainable and world-class city.”

“City Chale Ayodhya Dham” is set to become a nationwide celebration and Radio City’s vibe will reverberate globally, weaving together spirituality, culture, and entertainment through their extensive digital presence.