Radio City to Redefine Entertainment with their launch on JioTV

 Radio City, a trailblazer in vibrant music and engaging content, is thrilled to announce its debut on JioTV. This pioneering fusion marks a significant milestone as Radio City becomes the first-ever radio station in the country to introduce a 24x7 video channel under the banner of RC Studio.

This launch on JioTV not only extends the reach of Radio City but also provides advertisers with limitless opportunities to engage with a nationwide audience.  Through this association, Radio City will be able to reach out to JioTV’s massive audience base across the country. The JioTV mobile app – which has over 1,000 channels in more than 16 languages and 12 genres from over 200 broadcasters is available to all the Jio subscribes across the country.

Through this launch, Radio City will touch the nerves of the younger, digitally savvy generation, leveraging their attraction to screens to reignite their interest in radio. By embracing the new digital platform, Radio City will deliver phenomenal content that echoes with the Gen Z. RC Studio will also be available on connected TVs through JioTV+ which comes as a part of JioFiber and AirFiber.

This initiative will be pivotal in bridging the gap between different audience segments and expanding Radio City's reach to a larger demographic, creating a more inclusive and vibrant entertainment approach. The launch of RC Studio propels Radio City into the digital era by enriching the entertainment experience for its audience with the JioTV app which is now also available on MyJio app and JioBharat phones.

Ashit Kukian, CEO of Radio City, expressed his excitement: "In this exciting juncture of innovation and expansion, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our pioneering channel, RC Studio, on JioTV and JioTV+. The launch marks a historic point in our journey, reflecting our brand's evolution and commitment to 'Radigitalization'. Our RC Studio's tagline, 'Mast Raho', encapsulates our dedication to crafting a comprehensive digital experience that caters to our existing and new audiences. Radio City has always been a frontrunner when it comes to innovative concepts, and with this launch on JioTV, we are forging the future of entertainment by providing a platform that ignites excitement and engages viewers and brands alike in ways like never before!"

The amalgamation of Radio City's timeless audio content with dynamic visuals on JioTV and JioTV+ signifies a paradigm shift in broadcasting, breaking new ground and redefining the essence of entertainment. Combining the power of video and audio in perfect harmony will allow them to engage audiences like never before.

Radio City's RC Studio offers an all-encompassing entertainment experience. From refreshing music to exciting content, audio narratives, and exclusive interviews with film industry luminaries, the studio promises a diverse array of elaborate content.